Where is location of Kalbis Institute and how do you access it via public transportation?

Kalbis Institute Institute is located on Jl. Pulomas Selatan kav. 22, East Jakarta 13210. There are two public transportation accesses that can be reached, namely via Transjakarta and Commuter Line. If using Transjakarta, get off at the Pulomas ByPass Stop. While for the Commuter Line, get off at Jatinegara Station then continue with Transjakarta.

What are the operational hours of Kalbis Institute Admission?

Monday - Friday : 08.00 - 17.00 WIB

Saturday : 09.00 - 15.00 WIB

What scholarships does Kalbis Institute have?

Currently, Kalbis Institute has up to 100% Scholarships for 8 semesters

What are the terms and conditions for getting the scholarship?

For the terms and conditions for getting a scholarship, you can directly fill in your personal data at http://kalbis.ac.id/contact and will be contacted directly by the Kalbis Institute admission team

How much is the undergraduate registration fee at Kalbis Institute?

For registration fees, please download the price table brochure at the following link: http://kalbis.ac.id/pendaftaran-s1

What is the procedure for S1 registration at Kalbis Institute?

For registration procedures, you can download the brochure on the following page: http://kalbis.ac.id/pendaftaran-s1/#sectionpersyaratan

What are the majors at Kalbis Institute?

Business Faculty :
  • Digital Marketing (S1)
  • Accounting (S1)
  • Business Pscychology (S1)
  • Business in Creative Industries (S1)
  • Finance Essential (S1)
  • - Master of Management (S2)


Creative Industry Faculty:
  • Broadcasting (S1)
  • Strategic Communication (S1)
  • Advertising & Digital Communication (S1)
  • Visual Communication Design (S1)
  • Informatics (S1)
  • Game Computing & Technology (S1)
  • Information Systems (S1)
  • How much is the S2 registration fee at Kalbis Institute?

    For S2 registration fees, you can download the price table at the following link: http://kalbis.ac.id/pendaftaran-s2/

    What is the procedure for S2 registration at Kalbis Institute?

    Entrance Test : Academic Potential Test (TPA), English, Indonesia

    IPK < 2.5 : Interview Test

    What are the advantages of the Kalbis Institute

    11 The advantages possessed of Kalbis Institute are :
    1. opportunity to get an academic degree plus certification for all study programs
    2. Study program with a dynamic and innovative curriculum
    3. Collaboration with Universities Abroad
    4. Merchant collaboration so that student smartcards can be used to get various benefits
    5. Graduates who are competitive in the world of work or entrepreneurship
    6. Graduates easily work with the Kalbis Institute Institute Career Center services
    7. Modern and futuristic campus building
    8. Connect with Kalbe business group
    9. Quality of management education quality
    10. Strategic campus location
    11. Affordable education investment

    What facilities does Kalbis Institute have?

    1. Digital Accounting Lab
    2. Business Strategy Lab
    3. Seminar Room
    4. Kalbis Library
    5. Sports Hall
    6. Studio Radio
    7. Broadcasting Studio
    8. Photography Studio
    9. Band Studio
    10. Dance Studio
    11. Computer Lab
    12. DKV Classroom
    13. DKV Workshop Room
    14. Thematic Classroom
    15. Creative Lab
    16. MM Student Lounge
    17. Tax and Investment Gallery
    18. Cyber Security Lab
    19. Eskalator
    20. Lift
    21. Canteen

    What are Student Organizations at Kalbis Institute?

    1. HMJ Accounting (KIAS)
    2. HMJ Management (HUMAN)
    3. HMJ Informatics (INFINITY)
    4. HMJ Information Systems (GALAKSI)
    5. HMJ Communications (HIMIK)
    6. UKM Futsal
    7. UKM Basketball
    8. UKM Taekwondo
    9. UKM Volleyball
    10. UKM Cinematography Cloud
    11. UKM Portal Photography
    12. UKM Evo Media
    13. UKM K-Vibes
    14. UKM Modern Dance Troopers
    15. UKM Traditional Dance DVenus
    16. UKM Band Inpus
    17. UKM Choir Parakalbira
    18. UKR Islam (The Mujaddid)
    19. UKR Kristen (FIRE)
    20. UKR Katholik (KMK)
    21. UKR Buddha (KMB)

    Does Kalbis Institute have Employee Class?

    No, Kalbis Institute does not have Employee Class

    Does Kalbis Institute accept transfer students by transferring credits?

    No, for now Kalbis Institute cannot transfer credits to transfer students. So, students must repeat the SKS from semester 1.

    Does Kalbis Institute accept extension programs from D3 to S1?

    No, for now, Kalbis Institute cannot have an extension / parallel program from D3 to S1.

    Does Kalbis Institute accept Package C graduate students?

    No, Kalbis Institute does not accept Package C graduates