The Accounting Program prepares students to have the ability to apply accounting based on the use of ICT (Information Communication Technology) for good governance for service-based industries and the public sector, with the uniqueness of the life science industry.

Why Choose Accounting

Variety of Accounting Professions
The choice of the accounting profession has many choices: public accountants, accounting services firms, corporate accountants, consultants, trainers.

90% of Companies in Indonesia Need Accountants
Indonesia still lacks the number of accountants because this profession is needed in every entity, both government and private.

450,000 Indonesian Accountants Are Ready to be Absorbed in Global Companies
An Accountant is a profession that has a professional association recognized by the Ministry of Finance, even the accountant profession has its own coaching body under the Ministry of Finance and has a high professional code of ethics.

Prof. Dr. Nera Marinda Machdar, SE., Ak.,Pg. Dipl. Bus. (Acctg), MCom. (Acctg), CA., BKP.

Professor of Kalbis Institute

I feel that Kalbis is my second home because I have been teaching in Kalbis since 1995. I feel so comfortable in Kalbis, because of the good relation with colleagues that I have, it is very interesting to keep teaching at Kalbis Institute. I think that teaching in Kalbis is very different from the teaching method on another college, especially the disciplinary to teach. For us, a lecturer is required to be on time, and even myself is always present 15 minutes before class starts so that students will also be on time to attend class. Then the attendance method and syllabus have been well integrated, thus why this high discipline makes me more comfortable to study in this place. The student culture in Kalbis is very different than other colleges because here, the pluralistic of students is quite high. Here also for students who are less capable and have disabilities, are very disciplined and make innovations recommended by the relevant lecturer. 

At Kalbis, we as lecturers suggest that students are always ready, ready in the sense that besides they have to pass the main courses, they also prepare themselves with certification, what field they want to certify, where this certification really helps them in the application of where they work. Because at this time there has been revolution 4.0, where there is a disruption in the accounting sector, so we strongly emphasize students not to be afraid to choose accounting major, because jobs that are disrupted by robotic or computer, are only jobs that are technical, not jobs. which requires a brain, meaning that in accounting there are many considerations that require the presence of a physical person rather than a computer. So don’t be afraid to take part in accounting.

Accounting Superiority of Kalbis

80% of Graduates have been absorbed in Industry

The study program curriculum is prepared to meet industry needs, this is evidenced by 80% of accounting graduates have been absorbed in companies/industries.

Collboration SUNWAY University – Malaysia

The Accounting study program uses innovative learning methods, this is proven through the collaboration with SUNWAY University – Malaysia.

Certification Program

The Accounting study program continues to strive to improve the competitiveness of graduates by providing opportunities for students to obtain ACCA professional certification. To equip students with certification from ACCA, there are 3 courses from ACCA which are integrated into the Accounting curriculum at Kalbis, namely: Accounting in Business, Financial Accounting, Management.

Reach your dreams with KALBIS Institute


Client Photo
Lukas Cahyo Adi Saputro Financial Purser Royal Caribbean International, Miami Florida

KALBIS Institute gave me a lot of valuable experience. The actual teaching of the lecturers with the current conditions helped me to understand what strategic plan I should make in the current condition for the next 5-10 years. Not only that, the quality of KALBIS learning and the excellent environment made me motivated to continue to develop myself and get to where I am today.

Client Photo
Lola Luviana Said, S.Ak Sahat Handoko Public Accounting Firm Auditor, and Partners

Lecturers at Kalbis are very supportive both in academic and non-academic terms. On this college, I can freely channel my dancing hobbies and is supported by dance studio facilities. Here I can also hone my soft skills and learn to have a big responsibility by joining the organizations on this college. Scholarships from college also really helped me ease the burden on my parents. Besides that, from this college, I also finally got my dream job. In essence, Kalbis Institute is my most memorable place for processing as well as a place for processing that allows me to have valuable experiences and lessons for my current life.

Client Photo
Bela D. Audit and Assurance Associate 2 Deloitte Indonesia

Entering the class of 2013 (the 2nd year Kalbis was founded), Kalbis has managed to teach us until now. The facilities are very complete, the lecturers who are friendly and provide us with lots of useful knowledge and lessons for us, especially the support we received when we were about to take part in external activities for the Accounting study program, very helpful and motivating us at that time.

Career Prospect and Facility

  • Public Accountant

    Accountants are in charge of compiling all accounting needs in companies, government agencies, or certain organizations. An accountant will provide recommendations on how to improve finances by evaluating the budget.

  • Internal Auditor

    Internal auditors are tasked with examining a company's internal financial statements according to reality and providing input to management in doing business efficiently. An internal auditor will ensure that there is no deviation in a company.

  • Tax consultant

    Tax consultants are tasked with providing tax consultation for those who are taxpayers, ranging from companies and individuals. In addition, a tax consultant can also provide tax rights and obligations management services, including in the settlement of tax disputes.

  • Financial Planner

    The financial planner is in charge of preparing financial plans and providing advice on financial management. A financial planner usually does not get a monthly salary, but the income you get depends on the consulting services provided.

  • Financial Analyst

    Financial analysts are tasked with compiling financial information which will then become a reference for decision making in a business to making business strategies. This profession will control financial turnover so as not to exceed the budget and in accordance with the company's targets.

  • Government Finance Expert

    This profession is arguably very promising because it opens up opportunities for higher income. An example of a government agency that needs someone with a background in accounting is the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

  • Accounting Lecturer

    Accounting graduates can also become lecturers or teachers. With this profession, you not only earn income but also share knowledge with others. Besides that, you can also become a consultant who fills in seminars.


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