Management in
Business in Creative Industries

Program Business in Creative Industry prepares the students to have the skill to understand the dynamic business in the creative industry, able to create a business plan to have an independent business to realize creative ideas that have commercial value also able to manage creative activities in an organization.

Why Choose Business in Creative Industries?

One of the real sectors that deserve to be a priority is the creative economy. President Joko Widodo is optimistic that the creative economy will become the backbone of Indonesia’s economy. In contrast to other sectors that are highly dependent on the exploitation of natural resources, the power of the creative economy relies more on the advantages of human resources. This can be proven where MSMEs were able to survive the crisis experienced by Indonesia in 1998. The creative industry sector includes 16 sub-sectors, namely:

The Economy
in Indonesia
is dominated
by 3

Anjar Dwi Astono, S.S., M.M.

Head of Management Study Program

Et ipsa scientia
potestas est!

Knowledge is Power

(Francis Bacon, 1597)

Kalbis Institute Management Study Program has several streamings containing interests and excellent talent of students, also training it into a basic skill which covers character knowledge and specific knowledge. Here are the streamings:

  • Business in Creative Industries
  • Business Psychology
  • Digital Marketing
  • Finance Essential

Job opportunities get so variegated now starts from formal jobs up to informal ones, a job inside an office as well as outside an office, national company and multinational also business are giving an image that thorough preparation is necessary. Thus why Kalbis Institute is giving that through Management Study Program always answers every challenge and opportunity in superior education management.

Collaboration between education intuition and the parents, industry field and business field, education association, and public are similar to a dimension which inseparable from common goals. Hence that is why education is from us, by us, and for us together to be a common strength.

Student Achievements

IBN Business Competition

Business Competition
in Universitas Brawijaya – Malang

The Advantages of Kalbis Business in Creative Industries

  • Dosen Praktisi

    Program Business in Creative Industries memiliki dosen-dosen background dengan pengalaman sebagai entrepreneur, hal ini akan membuat mahasiswa dapat memperkaya ilmu yang didapat dan sangat bermanfaat pada saat mahasiswa ingin merintis usaha start-up nya.

  • Pendampingan Next Center (Inkubator Bisnis)

    Program Business in Creative Industries melalui NEXT Center yang akan mendampingi mahasiswa dalam mengembangkan ide bisnisnya, serta mengaplikasikannya di kegiatan After Class Market yang rutin diadakan setiap semesternya.

  • Program Sertifikasi

    Bagi mahasiswa yang tertarik untuk menjadi seorang professional, program Business in Creative Industries terus berupaya meningkatkan daya saing lulusan dengan memberikan kesempatan bagi mahasiswa untuk mendapatkan Sertifikasi BNSP

  • Program Double Degree

    Untuk meningkatkan daya saing lulusan di dunia industri, mahasiswa juga berkesempatan mengikuti program double degree yang bekerjasama dengan universitas dari luar negeri.

Reach your dreams with KALBIS Institute


Client Photo
Ika Suhartanti Darmo Business Lecturer in Creative Industry

What makes me proud to be a lecturer at KALBIS Institute is an extraordinary opportunity to develop students' competencies and abilities in building independent entrepreneurship. Even though many students do not have an overview of a start-up business, after following the learning curriculum, it is proven that they can demonstrate the ability to design-thinking, market research, create prototypes, create prospective business strategies, and demonstrate effective communication with business partners. For me, these things are satisfaction itself as a teacher. I enjoy the development of students in creative-innovative thinking, improved attitudes, and improved communication skills. I believe these abilities not only prepare them to work as professionals in the company, but also prepare them to become young entrepreneurs. They are always ready to collaborate and help MSMEs to move forward together to build entrepreneurship in Indonesia. What a wonderful journey!

Student Event Project

Creative Day

In this project, the students are gathering to create an event to introduce 16 creative industry sectors to the public. Since the first time this project took place, this project has grown from a local campus event to an event open to the public by filling the cultural stage at the Jakarta Fair Kemayoran.


The series of events for Indonesian students ranged from seminars and workshops presenting inspiring young business people, to national business plan competitions with prizes of millions of rupiah. This Youngpreneur event is quite prestigious considering the enthusiasm of participant registration and the origin of participant colleges from the best campuses in Indonesia.

Research Travelling

In this project, students accompanied by lecturers will go down the mountain to the center of the creative industry in Indonesia starting from Jogjakarta, Bandung, Cirebon, and other cities to get inspiration and see firsthand how the creative industry in Indonesia works as well as doing research. Packaged in a fun journey, this project is usually a moment for students to get inspiration to write their thesis.

Student Developed Business

Many students and graduates of the Business in Creative Industries program have already had careers or businesses in the Creative Industries field. Here are some of the businesses that students develop:

  • Rekam Kamar

    Dimulai dari Band Indie, project yang digawangi Kevin Valeryan, Mahasiswa Creative Industry 2017 ini berkembang menjadi label rekaman independen dengan saat ini menggawangi 2 artis dengan puluhan ribu pendengar di platform Spotify.

  • Exxe.id

    Dari sering mengkonsumsi produk kecantikan, Michelle Aurelia, mahasiswa Creative Industry 2014 melihat peluang untuk berbisnis produk kecantikan secara online. Saat ini sudah puluhan ribu produk berhasil dijual Michelle hanya dari satu platform Shopee.

  • Twentyseven.cao

    Berawal dari menjadi dropshipper, saat ini usaha custom tumbler yang dirintis oleh Elsya, Mahasiswa Manajemen 2017, telah berkembang menjadi usaha mandiri dengan omset belasan juta rupiah per bulan-nya.

  • Kardo Arghost

    Darah seni yang mengalir di dalam diri Kardo, mahasiswa Creative Industry 2016 mendorong dirinya untuk berkarya di genre Hip-Hop, saat ini Kardo bisa ditemui di platform YouTube dan Spotify dengantotal view mencapai lebih dari 600,000 viewer dan 6,000 subscriber.

  • T-Carbon Composite

    Hobi mengutak-atik motor membawa Tegar, mahasiswa creative industry 2017 memiliki ide untuk memanfaatkan material carbon composite untuk merintis usaha modifikasi otomotif yang menjadi trend pada tahun 2019 yang lalu.

  • Digi.id

    Kesulitan mendapatkan parkir membuat Oscar dan tim, mahasiswa Creative Industry 2014, mendapatkan ide untuk mengembangkan aplikasi pemesanan parkir secara online. Ide ini membawa Oscar membawa pulang piala juara 1 lomba business plan nasional di Univ. Brawijaya.

Career Prospect and Facility

  • Advertising and New Media Professional
  • Branding Specialist
  • Campaign Manager
  • Communication Specialist
  • Creative Entrepreneur
  • Creative Writer
  • Digital Communication Specialist
  • Entertainment Entrepreneur
  • Events and Festivals Coordinator
  • Public Relations Officer/Consultant


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