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    Kalbis Institute is an Institute under KALBE Educational Foundation (KEF). Thus makes Kalbis Institute an Institute managed professionally by one of the best Private Institute institutions in Indonesia and connected with the KALBE industry field which is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Southeast Asia.

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    BA Degree Program

    Terms of education for Informatics Bachelor Program, Game Computing, and Technology especially for High Schoolers Majoring in Science / Vocational High School*.

    School of Business & Communication

    School of Computer & Design


    Terms of General Registration

    1. Register online and purchase forms worth IDR300,000
    2. Two (2) recent 3 × 4 photographs

    Refund Terms and Conditions

    No Terms Tuition Requirements
    Tuition Fee Uang Pangkal (DP3) Tools Fee Administration Discount
    1 A candidate stated as NOT PASSED High School or equal, and no late payment before. Yes Yes Yes Rp2.000.000
    2 A candidate will be accepted if they have registered in Public University such as UI, ITB, IPB, UGM, UNPAD, UNDIP & UNAIR through SNMPTN leveled in Bachelor. Yes Yes Yes Rp2.000.000
    In addition to the Conditions in point 1 and point 2 above NO REFUND / TRANSFER OF FUNDS IN ANY KIND

    Kalbis Institute Scholarship

    Study at Kalbis Institute, you will get a professional certificate in every study program after you graduate!

    1. Purchase KALBIS Institute Form Registration
    2. Legalized photocopy of grade 10 and 12 grade in 1 & 2 semester from report cards
    3. Two (2) recent 3 × 4 photographs
    4. Stamp duty IDR6,000 one (1) piece

    Kalbis Institute Scholarship

    Will be given to a candidate who has an achievement in academic/sport/art minimally in national level

    Will be given to a candidate from 10th grade until 12th grade who has an average score over 75 in their report card

    Will be given to students whose relative or family works as a Teacher/Lecturer/Education Servant. Additionally, this scholarship also works for those who have a biological family that has finished or still studying at Kalbis Institute.

    Discount and Admission Fee Scholarship and also each semester in ASAK Scholarship Program

    Scholarship for the underprivileged student that has a good potential in academic. Kalbis Institute will help them with 8 semesters of tuition fees off with terms that they have to be registered in Indonesia Smart Study Card.

    Will be given to students whose relative or family works in Kalbe Group

    Student & Alumni Testimonial

    Client Photo
    Reyna Septina Budiyanti, S.E., CFA., M.M. APAC EMEA Business Relations Senior Manager, Google., Inc, Silicon Valley, USA

    KALBIS Institute has helped me to deepen and broaden my leadership skill, and fokus on the holistic picture. In addition to learning new concepts, theories, and skills, I have learned a tremendous amount about myself. I am able to take these learnings and apply not just to my professional career but to improving every facet on my life.

    Client Photo
    Martinus Livino, S.Kom., M.M., AAAIK. Marketing & Sales Section Head Finance & Leasing PT. Asuransi Wahana Tata

    I really enjoyed was I studied at KALBIS Institute in 2 years. I am sure everything that I got from all lectures and my colleague can bring me to be a better person in intellectual and mental.

    Client Photo
    Emmanuelle Gracia Business in Creative Industry 2016

    Kalbis taught me to become a person who is truthful, disciplined, and committed in studying, organizing, and entering the world of work.

    Client Photo
    Samuel Ishak Putra Strategic Communication 2015

    This institute provided more opportunities for me to be able to develop my potential, to be ready to compete in industrial field.

    Client Photo
    Rachel Marselina Business in Creative Industry 2017

    I am only in 1st semester, but I can already feel the quality of studying at Kalbis Institute. Even now, I become an Education Counselor and have my own income.


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    Management in Business Psychology S1 Program

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      Master of Management S2 Program

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        Business in Creative Industry S1 Program

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          Accounting S1 Program

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            Monday – Friday : 08.00 – 17.00 WIB and
            Saturday : 09.00 – 15.00 WIB

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