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    Magister Manajemen at Universitas Kalbis

    MM Kalbis University provides a quality learning process by having excellence in innovation, entrepreneurship, global competition, and digital transformation.

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    Learning methods that emphasize understanding by examining the latest cases that are happening in the company in order to deal with changes in business models.

    Learning methods that emphasize the understanding of subject matter with the system of student activity in class participation and enriching knowledge through Management Enrichment Programs conducted outside of the class. Therefore, students could increasingly understand science not only in theory, but also in real events.

    The teaching staff consists of practitioners and academics which combine between practical and theoritical skills in conducting the class, hence, graduates will have sharp analytical skills in decision making.

    Magister Management of Kalbis Institute, actively organizes regular discussion on actual topics for students by inviting some experts and professionals who have the competence to broaden students' insights.

    Besides learning process in the Classroom, Magister Management of Kalbis Institute students will also be enriched with experience through speaking at Expert Sharing seminars, and can also be a means of publication for Kalbis Institute Students.

    Registration Requirements

    1. Registration Form Rp. 500.000
    2. 1 Legalized copy of Bachelor Degree Certificate
    3. 1 Legalized copy of Bachelor Degree Transcript
    4. 2 Passport photo 3×4 (newest)
    5. 1 Copy of Birth Certificate
    6. 1 Recommendation Letter (Recommendation Letter from Direct Supervisor for Professionals or Academic Supervisor for Fresh Graduates)
    7. 1 Copy of ID Card (KTP/Passport)
    8. 1 Curriculum Vitae (CV)
    9. Entrance Test (Academic Potential Test – TPA)
    10. Interview Test Result if GPA < 2.5


    Client Photo
    Reyna Septina Budiyanti, S.E., CFA., M.M. APAC EMEA Business Relations Senior Manager, Google., Inc, Silicon Valley, USA

    KALBIS Institute has helped me to deepen and broaden my leadership skill, and fokus on the holistic picture. In addition to learning new concepts, theories, and skills, I have learned a tremendous amount about myself. I am able to take these learnings and apply not just to my professional career but to improving every facet on my life.

    Client Photo
    Martinus Livino, S.Kom., M.M., AAAIK. Marketing & Sales Section Head Finance & Leasing PT. Asuransi Wahana Tata

    I really enjoyed was I studied at KALBIS Institute in 2 years. I am sure everything that I got from all lectures and my colleague can bring me to be a better person in intellectual and mental.

    Client Photo
    Emmanuelle Gracia Business in Creative Industry 2016

    Kuliah di Kalbis mengajarkan saya untuk menjadi pribadi yang semakin jujur, disiplin, dan berkomitmen dalam belajar, berorganisasi, maupun dalam memasuki dunia kerja.

    Client Photo
    Samuel Ishak Putra Strategic Communication 2015

    Kampus ini memberikan kesempatan bagi saya untuk dapat mengembangkan potensi yang saya miliki, sehingga saya siap bersaing di dunia industri.

    Client Photo
    Rachel Marselina Business in Creative Industry 2017

    Saya baru semester 1, namun saya sudah bisa merasakan kualitas berkuliah di Kalbis Institute. Bahkan saat ini saya menjadi Education Counselor dan memiliki penghasilan sendiri.