Saturday (12/12) Kalbis Institute again held the Kalbis Talk Series 8 as a routine event every month with the theme: Invest Your Creativity Through Game! In collaboration with Agate Indonesia, Kalbis Institute invited Marvin Lee who is the Vice President of Gamification at Agate. In addition, on this occasion, Kalbis Institute also invited Mr. Yulius Denny as the Head of the Kalbis Institute Informatics Study Program, and Abednego Ansel who is an active student at the Kalbis Institute as well as a caster in the gaming world.

On this occasion Marvin also introduced a game that is being developed by Agate and will be launched in the near future, and Marvin also introduced life in working in the field of game developers. In line with this, Kalbis Institute as one of the coporate base universities in Indonesia always focuses on developing itself in the future. “Collaboration with the industrial world is very important, students can feel what the industrial world is from the collaboration that is established and makes it easier for students in the practical learning process and also with the sharing from practitioners in the industrial world will create a new perspective in the student’s vision for the future,” William said. , Event and Public Relation Specialist Kalbis Institute.